We’re dedicated to creating  innovative opportunities for companies to engage with new customers through building and innovation.


My Team, My Family, My OSP

– Dean Elali



At OSP, we are not just a company, we’re the catalysts of growth in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Our mission is dedicated to facilitating connections between prominent companies and their customers through personalized interactions. Leveraging innovative marketing strategies, we aim to cultivate deep and meaningful engagements that drive tangible and lasting results.


OSP proudly oversees five subsidiaries

Established in 2011, OSP proudly represents numerous Fortune companies globally in the residential, business to business, and Retail sectors. Our devoted group of young men and women who commit themselves day in and day out to attain the career goals they’ve dreamed go through an extensive Management training program perfected over the years. It allows them to become business owners and entrepreneurs in their own rights. OSP Marketing pride itself on one simple quality Opportunity. The opportunity for clients to expand their reach, footprint, and market share and the opportunity for our developing entrepreneurs to take advantage of the OSP platform and become their own independent owner operators.

Connecting brands with customers

OSP’s second subsidiary, OSP HEALTH, was built created and launched as a full-service certified specialty diagnostic laboratory. Based in Michigan, and in the heart of the recent pandemic, OSP Health quickly responded to the community’s need for testing by immediately developing and distributing covid-19 screening to local Hospitals and Clinics. OSP Health continues to innovate the latest and most efficient forms of medical testing available today, and we’ve successfully expanded our services throughout the country.
Building a healthier tomorrow through a culture of excellence

The third company under the OSP umbrella, OSP SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT, proudly represents some of the biggest names in sports and the entertainment world. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, OSP Sports and Entertainment continues to raise the bar with opportunities for our talent and unprecedented events across the world.

Representing legends

OSP’s fourth sector, OSP TV, is our latest creation featured as a light-hearted and creative resource for Business Insight, Sales Training and several celebrity guest appearances.


OSP CARES, our fifth division, is a nonprofit organization we’ve built to give back to the community that we operate in and to humanity in the whole. We work with numerous local charity organizations such as the Salvation Army, homeless shelters, and local youth groups. Internationally, we’ve teamed up with Charities such as the Badou Jack Foundation to work with orphans and Refugee children across the globe. OSB cares has helped build fresh water wells and remote cities without clean sources of water, helped restore housing, enhance education, and take on numerous other missions to give back and do our part as contributing members of society. As we surpass our 10th year in business OSP will continue to grow, continue to innovate, and continue to offer extraordinary opportunities while always maintaining the highest levels of integrity and never forgetting the Grassroots we came from. We don’t predict the future. We evolve it. My Team, My Family, My OSP.

Giving back to the community


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