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SEASON 2 Episode 6

In this inspiring episode, we sit down with DJ Cribbs, a visionary entrepreneur whose journey from the ground up teaches us the essence of becoming your own boss.


Welcome to Episode 5 of the OSP TV Podcast, where we delve into the world of leadership development and the intricacies of being a business owner with our guest, Keith Risner.


This week, we’re thrilled to have not one, but two special guests who stand at the pinnacle of recruitment success. Join us as we explore the journeys, strategies, and insights of the top recruiters who have profoundly impacted our industry.

SEASON 2 Episode 1

In this engaging episode, we are joined by Chris Migner, a distinguished figure in the direct sales industry, to delve into his journey toward success.

Episode 20

Former World Champion Sadam Ali and up and coming star Khalid Twaiti.

Episode 19

Caleb Plant LIVE in Dallas Texas. He showed up to NatCon 2022 to meet with the agents and directors of OSP. Spoke in front of hundreds of people sharing his stories inspiring everybody that success comes from obsession and determination.

Episode 18.3

Only the people who have a desire that they must be what they CAN be, take the extra mile everyday to become an elite of the elite. If you can find your passion and are able to pursue your potential, you will be able to work harder than anybody.

Episode 18.2

David Meltzer talks about how he lost $100 million dollars once and how he was able to comeback from that. He talks about how every mistake you make, every failure, are lessons that are promoting you and protecting you, not punishing you.

Episode 18.1

On this episode David Meltzer talks about how different it is being an entrepreneurs today and an entrepreneur 20 years ago. It’s not about going the extra mile every once in a while, it’s about going the extra mile every single day.

Episode 17.5

In this clip we talk about NFTs… What’s an NFT?
How is the world changing with NFTs and talks of the Metaverse.

Episode 17.4

In this clip we talk about how a group of people only a couple decades apart can have such a huge difference of understanding in today’s society.

Episode 17.3

In this clip Coach Yvonne Wade gives advice for young female athletes and shares her experience on being a female coach and how there are different ways of coaching.

Episode 17.2

In this clip Coach Yvonne Wade shares with us how she accidentally became an Olympic Hurdler running for Japan!

Episode 17.1

In this episode Yvonne talks about what it was like running in the Olympics representing Japan, what it’s like raising kids as two coaches, and how the metaverse is going to change everything.

Episode 16.4

In this clip we talk about how we got involved with the KSI and Logan Paul fight. Amer asked Coach Larry Wade to train KSI for this fight where he was immediately turned down and it took a lot of convincing to finally get him to train KSI to get him in shape to fight Logan Paul.

Episode 16.3

In this clips Coach Larry Wade talks about the medical issue he had as a young athlete. This experience taught him so much about life and to really appreciate everything you have because you never know when it could all get taken away.

Episode 16.2

In this clip we discuss how to work as a team,, especially if there are more than one alpha in the room because we all know that doesn’t go well. We discuss about what it takes to win as a team.

Episode 16.1

In this episode we talk about Coach Larry Wade’s history of being a professional track athlete, being in a ESPN video game, training boxers like Caleb Plant and KSI.

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